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The GNOME Ecosystem

In this post, I will be talking about how the GNOME ecosystem changed the Linux world for the better

When GNOME was created, it wasn't what it is now. It was bulky (even though most people back then liked it) and overall not good when it comes to today's design principals

Over the years, with the introduction of GNOME 3, they have improved their design and became a whole lot more approachable in terms of user friendliness and apps

But with the introduction of GNOME 40-43 and the transition to GTK4, GNOME has been trying to make a whole app ecosystem where everything is integrated and looks amazing

And they have managed to achieve that! Before, GNOME wasn't really a recommended DE for new users, but now it is one of the most used DE's on desktop Linux

remember, dear reader, when i wrote about how I hated GNOME back in 2022? well, when GNOME introduced gtk4 all my theming broke and that's why i was so angry at GNOME and decided to ditch it for kde.

Today, when I think about it, GTK4 and libadwaita were actually great design decisions in terms of making a desktop Linux app ecosystem, because all apps will fit in and look good on any device, and I understand why they are not recommending theming.

There are still workarounds (which I use) for theming, I dont recommend them if you have nothing against the default Adwaita theme, but they have done nothing to prevent theming, so that's a plus for them still allowing user freedom (cough, microsoft, cough)

Overall, GNOME is an amazing DE and now an entire ecosystem and I hope they continue that path!

This was day 11 of #100Daystooffload