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Switching from GNOME to KDE

Recently, I switched from GNOME to KDE. Why, you ask?

Well, GNOME has been making some bad decisions (at least thats my opinion). They are switching away to GTK4 and libadwaita.

When I updated to GNOME 42 (unintentionally) nothing happened at first.

But, when I reloaded the GNOME shell, my whole system broke! Some apps just turned white, the system animations were sluggish and it just wasn’t a good experience. I first wanted to just revert the upgrade, but to no succeed.

I gave up and decided to switch to KDE, and reader, thats was the best decision of my linux life. I’m loving plasma and I don’t know how I used GNOME for that long. KDE is so much more customizable and prettier than GNOME.

At first, everything was broken, but in the last few days I have managed to tweak everything to my liking and now I can finally enjoy my KDE desktop! I’m just adding a few apps and modifing a few settings and im done.

And that was the story how GNOME almost broke my system and how KDE saved my life.

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