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I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for some time now, and now when Kev and Joel wrote theirs, I decided to publish my own too.

Way back in 2020, when I started this website, I had way too much time. It was the pandemic, and school was easier in general, so I decided to just make a website one day. It was first a direct copy of the Nord website just with my information on it. It had no blog, no contact pages, no nothing. Everything was on one page and it was pretty meh, but it was mine.

In about 2021, my friend Pukima decided to start a blog, and I followed his steps. The posts were short, but still, it was a place where I could write freely without anyone forcing me to do this or that.

The web has become full of ads, blockchains, capitalist bullshit, and in general a hellhole.

That is exactly why you should make your website with your own opinions, pages, and whatever you want! Share your knowledge, write about your day, or comment on other’s posts. Just make a website and blog.

We need a corner of the internet that big tech can’t influence. Something that is not censorable or blockable. A place where you can do whatever you want. Your own home on the internet, and get to know others that do this, too.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about writing really short posts. It’s important to just express your opinions or feelings, no matter how short or long they are.

Just use Bear Blog and Mastodon and share your thoughts and experiences.

Until next time!

Day 24 of #100DaysToOffload


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