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Why use or not use Linux

In this post, I will be sharing my opinion on who should or shouldn’t use Linux.

Linux was generally not created as an “user friendly” system, but rather a OS inspired by MINIX which had no intent to even grab user’s attentions.

In recent times, we’ve had the “Year of the Linux desktop” almost every year, when people say that this year Linux will rise in popularity on the desktop

The truth is, Linux was never, and will never be an user friendly system, there are certanly tools that make it friendlier but it wasnt originally built for user friendliness

Windows was always built for new users, with a simple interface and minimal options

Linux was always built for the “power-user” (or really not users at all, but power users adapted to it)

That is why I think Linux shills do it for really no reason other that they like Linux, there’s always two sides, the why use Linux side and the why use windows side.

Linux should only be learned if you have the motivation for it, not for the performance aspect or anything else, if you don’t have the motivation to learn it you will certanly go back to windows in a few days and hate Linux just because you never learned it correctly.

this was day 7 of #100DaysToOffload

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