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What really matters in life?

Today I want to share a short composition I wrote for my English class. It’s about things that really count in life and not wasting your time when you’re young.

What really counts in life? Well, that question is not easily answerable for everyone. Most people take this question as-is, but my stance is that the most precious things in life are people I can trust. Nothing can beat chilling with your friends on a summer night on the beach. In reality, the people we hang out with and talk to the most are the people that shape our most memorable moments in life. Even though materialistic things can make us happy, in the end, it’s the memories, emotions and people that we surround ourselves with the ones that shape us as people. In the end, people always want more materialistic things, not realizing that they are totally unneeded. Now go out and make memories. Have fun. Make your life so interesting that even your grandikds will remember you, your stories and your legacy.

Day 23 of #100DaysToOffload


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