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Trying out Void Linux

Since I really like to distro hop on my ThinkPad, I thought why not give Void Linux a try?

First, I downloaded the ISO image from their website. Everything went smoothly, the only thing I noticed is that the image seems to be kind of old (from september 2021). Anyways, I opened up etcher and picked the ISO and flashed it to my flash drive, which I plugged in into the laptop. I booted from the USB and a grub menu appeared, I am entering the void :) I chose the first option and booted up to a default XFCE enviroment.

To install Void, I opened up the terminal, did a sudo su and ran void-installer. I picked all the settings and partitioned my drive, then I rebooted. I was back at the XFCE desktop, now with a installed copy of Void Linux!

The first thing I did after installation is installing a new desktop enviroment and uninstalling XFCE. I went for GNOME, it was pretty straightforward, just a quick sudo xbps-install gnome. I went and followed the documentation on disabling the lxdm service, which was part of XFCE. I enabled GDM and I was booted into the GNOME desktop!

Everything from there on went smoothly, I installed all my icon packs, themes, shell extensions etc, but I ran into a problem when trying to install Discord, I tried installing it but it couldn’t find it in the default repos, I needed to use void-packages to be able to install it, which was kind of a longer process because I needed to wait for the repository to clone and for all commands to run.

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