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The Small Web and Corporate Bullshit

As I have stated on my about page, I consider this website to be a part of the small web, a collection of personal websites that try to distance away from big tech.

I’m not fully emersed in the Privacy-Security-Small-Web-No-Big-Tech stuff, I do use normie social media such as Discord, but you know the story, friends, family, no one uses the chad software and protocols such as XMPP and Signal.

But to get back to the story, websites were much simpler in the past, which meant there were no bullshit silicon-valley ads and promotions. Just the plain website with everything you wanted and/or needed. I belive we need to bring these kind of websites back. That is why I support projects and manifestos such as the and the web0 manifesto.

The web has just became too bloated, we need to return to the good old days when websites weren’t 4mb+ in size with huge ass javascript frameworks. We need to start using SSG’s and plain HTML & CSS websites, not another new javascript framework.

This is my opinion on all this.

Just a note: I will be away for vacation for a week or so, I probably wont check mastodon or write blog posts.

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