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My Opinion on Distrohopping

Distrohopping is a process of constantly switching between distributions.

I don’t wanna say it, but I distrohop very often.

This is my opinion on distrohopping: The reason why I do it is just for fun of trying something new. I don’t think that’s a stupid reason for doing it. Some people do actually distrohop to find the perfect distribution.

The thing is, the perfect distribution does not exist. It really depends on your use case:

Do you use your PC for gaming, or just casual browsing?

The same goes for asking people about their distribution. The thing is that the distribution of their choice is tailored to their own use case and needs. Next time you distrohop searching for the perfect distro, ask yourself: What is my use case? What do I need in a distro?

But like I said, I do this for fun and I don’t see anything wrong in that, just exploring the distro world

Heavily inspired by unixsheikh’s post

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