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Returning To GNOME After A Horrible Experience

After a horrible experience with GNOME, and after seeing that theming has gotten possible again after a few months, I have made a decision to return back to GNOME.

My experience so far has been OK, the only problems have been very long gnome-shell loading times which I have fixed by following this reddit comment.

When it comes to theming, the reason I left GNOME, it has improved a lot. Programs such as libadwaita theme changer exist now and themes have added support for LibAdwaita.

So far I'm happy to use GNOME again, I liked it before the LibAdwaita update a lot because they are making a linux ecosystem and basically every week there are new apps to try out.

This does not mean I don't like KDE anymore, KDE is amazing and customizable but GNOME was always for me, and that's why I returned after LibAdwaita has matured

All this new GNOME stuff has gotten me interested in even making my own app to try out the new technologies they have been introducing, but I haven't decided when or what the app will be about or if I'll even make one.

Well, if there's anything to learn from this post, it's that you should try things you have stopped using before, they probably became much better then before.

Thanks for reading!