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On Reinventing The Wheel


This is the first blog post after a more than half-year hiatus. I’ll explain everything in one of the next blog posts. But TL;DR, life sometimes REALLY sucks

If you asked me if reinventing the wheel is useless a month ago, I would respond with a hard “Yes”. I thought to myself “Why should I make something that already exists, I’m just wasting time”.

My perspective has changed when I finished work on a selfhostable to-do app when I realized something similar exists. My app was made for a county competition here in Croatia, and I mostly had motivation for it because it could bring me points for high school. After thinking for some time now I realized that it’s worth it to continue working on the app because even if it ends up being “the same thing” I would’ve definately learned a ton from it. And even if it’s not fully functional or finished I can still learn a ton from that.

You can learn so much from reinventing just simple concepts like a task manager, calendar or a clock app. Especially when you are as young as me in programming and work sense.

Also, if you don’t do anything how are you going to learn?

You aren’t.

So reinvent the wheel whenever you can. You’ll learn a ton from it.

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