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NeoVim - the perfect editor

Hi dear reader!

Sorry for not posting much, I’ve been dealing with school and some family stuff.

Today I will be talking about how I setup NeoVim to be my perfect workspace.

I always wanted to use NeoVim because it seemed to be the most productive editor out there, and I tried setting it up many times but always failed

Well, today is different because i actually managed to set it up along with keybinds, plugins and other options

It took me a while to set up the keybinds and some options (especially this but i finally figured it out)

Im currently writing this in NeoVim (I was using vscode before) and I’m very impressed by what I can do here!

If you are interested in my config, I’ll be updating this post soon enough with the link to my dotfiles

Thanks for reading!

This was day 12 of #100DaysToOffload

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