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My Thoughts on Editing Posts

After reading kev’s post I’ve also been forming my opinion on editing posts

Unlike kev, I think editing posts is very useful if information is outdated. It doesn’t only help other people, but helps you if you revisit the same topic later on.

I also very often make grammatical and formatting mistakes which i dont even notice before seeing the post on the website, so its important to fix them.

When it comes to what Manu wrote:

I dislike the concept of editing old content on personal sites. And the motivation is related to my love for simple, straight to the point, chronologically organised personal blogs. I believe a personal blog can and should be a representation of who you are at different points in time.

– Manu Moreale

I completely agree with this, when it comes to personal posts not related to guides, apps and technical stuff, but when it is, I see editing as something that may help you or someone else

I wrote three posts today to make up for the challenge :D

this was day 15 of #100daystooffload

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