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following @kev @joel and @hyde i’m sharing my static site workflow too! this post is inspired by all of their posts so do check out their blogs :D

cast your mind back to 2021, dear reader, when i wrote about blogging tools and platforms where i talked about using bear blog and other blogging platforms and what my experience was with them.

while i have switched themes tons of times on this website, from jekyll to hugo to pure html & css i have always stuck with the same way of writing blog posts, using a code editor like vscode and just typing away

the website is a story for itself, before i was using hugo, it was hard to manage content using jekyll and that’s (mostly) why i switched to hugo.

since this website’s theme is forked from congo it’s easy to make changes because i can just push any changes to my fork and pull them right away to my website

i found that since mostly everything i need for my website is already built in via a shortcode or partial i havent really needed to code stuff myself, except an openring partial so everything displays correctly

the only inconvinience i experience while blogging is the front matter in markdown files, i always forget how the command to generate a front-matter-included markdown file, but i plan to make a script/program that also eases that process or even a whole web app that simplifies the blogging process

also, if all of this discouraged your from blogging, dont worry, you can always use simple blogging tools like bearblog, its just that i’m picky of how my website looks and that’s why i change it every 2 months ;D

this is day 2 of #100daystooffload!

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