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Building a Mail Server

Before building my own mail server i used to use forwardemail for my domain’s email but now i have switched to my own solution.

The plan

mailcow caught my eye a few months ago but i never got the time to set it up but yesterday i decided to finally do it

firstly i bought a vps at hetzner to be able to host it, then added the mx records


first i installed docker using the convenience script then followed the instructions over on mailcow’s docs to install it.

when i started it at first, it errored out with apparmor errors but i solved it by deleting the file specified in the error.

after i successfully powered up mailcow and set up the mx records i made myself a mailbox and successfully logged in. at first i thought everything worked but i found out while i can recieve email, i cant send it because port 25 is blocked by default on hetzner so i currently cant reply to yall’s emails but i certanly see them :)


I’m starting #100DaysToOffload, a challenge to publish 100 posts on your personal blog in a year.

So with that,

This is day 1 of #100DaysToOffload!

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