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Since I began using Linux and advocating for OSS I have always been trying to find software that corresponds with that ideology. And for most software, I did find a good open-source alternative. The only app that I cannot, for the life of me, find a good alternative to is Spotify. But I’ll comment on that later on in the post.

My music taste is very wide. There’s Beethoven way back from the 1800s, The Beatles from the 1950s, Prljavo Kazaliste from the 1980s, bands such as Jeboton, Lovejoy, Vacations from the 2020s.

I discovered most of my newer songs by hearing them on YouTube or in some kind of TV show. The music I listen to is easily findable on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and whatever everyone uses these days.

And I really want to host and own my music, and use something like Koel, but the biggest problem is the inconvenience of downloading and sorting through the music. The music is avaliable, but it is just too much of a hassle to download and change properties of every song I add.

Even if I somehow manage to automate this, there would still be the problem of downloading new songs. I would always turn to Spotify as an easier alternative than opening Koel/the terminal and downloading a new song.

In the end, even if you listen from a cassete or from Koel or Spotify, music is music. So you do you.

Until next time!

Day 22 of #100DaysToOffload


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