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How I Organize My Life

There always come points in life when you just feel overwhelmed and unorganized with work or school. For me, the issue was that I wasn’t organizing my work properly and/or using the correct tools/apps. I had really bad grades and decided that this year would be the year I would fix that.

I started looking into apps and tools that could help me. Most people were recommending Notion for everything - something that they called “a second brain” - a Notion template that integrates “tasks, projects, notes, resources, and everything in between”. I tried all kinds of templates, including the second brain one, and decided that all of that was way too much for me to handle for one app.

Then I went through a hiatus of switching to-do apps, calendars, and even habit trackers…

But in the end, I landed on using just the Google Calendar both on the web and my phone. As for the task list, I ended up using the FOSS app on my phone together with sync to Google Tasks for the web.

Nextcloud was also an option for the task synchronization (and for notetaking as well) but I just decided to keep it simple and use Google Tasks

I decided not to add classes to the calendar because it would take too much effort and add nothing more than clutter. After all, my schedule is already printed out on paper.

I also watched a few videos on journaling but I haven’t yet decided if I will journal digitally or physically. As for notetaking, I already use Samsung Notes on my phone, but I still haven’t found a reliable solution both for mobile and desktop.

Have any ideas for improvement of my system, experiences with apps, or journaling? Feel free to share them with me via email: [email protected], or Mastodon

Day 21 of #100DaysToOffload


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