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Helping people on BetterDiscord

Yesterday, BetterDiscord, a client modification for the chat app Discord broke and with it went most of your plugins and themes.

People in BetterDiscord are generally pretty, lets call it, “non-patient” and dont really read stuff you give them

Yesterday I tried helping people and it was pretty chaotic, from people literally asking the same question that was answered 1 message before, to people threatening to bomb houses if someone doesn’t fix this

In order to help users, you need to have a stable source of info that users can read from, and that was the problem for BD, people were answering with different solutions and everything got mixed up.

In my opinion, BetterDiscord should have warnings on their website when something breaks with temporary solutions avaliable for users to read and follow.

If there is something to learn from this post; its that people tend to be impatient when something they use every day breaks.

This was day 13 of #100DaysToOffload

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