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Personally, I take many steps to protect my online privacy and that is why I want everything on this website to be as transparent as possible.

1. Analytics #

This website does not use any privacy-breaching analytics EXCEPT the cloudflare analytics which only provide me with data about how many people from which countries accessed my website, this also allows me to detect any threat or DDOS.

1.1 Cookies #

Since this website is built with the congo theme for hugo, it does include some cookies but the cookies only detect dark/light mode.

2. Terms #

You don’t have to agree to any terms or conditions by accessing this website.

3. License information #

The blog posts on this website - and all the text like the about page or this privacy policy you are reading are licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This means you are free to share, adapt and redistribute the text as you wish under the terms that you don’t use it for commercial purposes and you give appropriate credit

If you build apon this material you must sharealike - which means that you must use the same license for your contribution/change.