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Vis And Palagruža

Vela i Mala Palagruza Islands of Vela & Mala Palagruža

It’s now October 2023 but I still want to share my thoughts about the trips and the beauty of the islands :)

In the summer of 2022, I visited the island of Vis together with a 1-day trip to the remote island of Vela Palaguža, Mala Palagruža, and the little isle of Galijula (our tour agency’s boat name - also) and the island of Biševo.

Vis is first and foremost an amazing island because it’s so isolated from all other land, it’s the farthest inhabited Croatian island. It was even quieter before but since they filmed Mamma Mia it has been filled with tourists.

Second, the trip to Biševo was also amazing since we not only visited the Blue Cave (the main attraction of the island, google it) but also some other beaches around the island including Porat, which our tour guides said is “the only left paradise on the Mediterranian”. It was true, an isolated sandy beach that makes you truly feel you are on a deserted island all alone. Except there was a fair bit of people, but eh, tourists ruin everything (coming from one).

Since Palagruža was a fair bit away from Vis, it was a 3-hour-ish boat drive (we were cruising around 15 knots if I recall correctly), around 40 nm (42nm, to be exact).

That boat ride was truly worth it. A place with no mobile signal, no devices, no nothing. A true paradise, just me and the sea. Since Palagruža is so isolated it’s closer to the Italian mainland than to Croatia (you can see big boats pass by the coast of Italy). It was amazing just enjoying the almost endless sea.

I, of course, returned to Vis for summer 2023, but wasn’t able to visit Palagruža. It’s in my plan for 2024 :D

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