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My Blogging Workflow

Back in 2023 I wrote about my static site and blog workflow. A ton has changed since then so I think it’s time for me to update you all.

I’m gonna split this workflow into two parts:

Posts and Inspiration

When it comes to writing posts, I write them whenever I feel like I’ve got an idea or whenever I get inspiration from someone else. This post for example was inspired by Manu’s blogging workflow

My thought process goes like this:

  1. I get an idea
  2. I see what others have written about it
  3. I form my own opinion
  4. I write my opinion

Or if it’s something personal I just mush it into words and post it.

I try to not edit stuff too much, but if I notice grammatical errors that bother me, I fix them.

My posts are currently mostly tech-related, but after reading Manu’s blog on this topic I’m thinking of doing something like his Memories posts, blog posts that you just attach a picture to.


Now for the tech part of this blog.

I use the Hugo static site generator with a modified version of the hugo-bearblog theme.

Most of my posts are just written in VSCode. I do plan on looking at alternatives so I can preview my post without having to open a Hugo server, but that remains for later.

That’s about it. Pretty simple and to the point. Though I always change something around, so don’t expect this to be a permanent setup haha.

If you have any other questions on my workflow please do reach out via email to [email protected] :)

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