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Hello 👋 #

My name is sheep, welcome to my little corner of the [email protected]

I call myself a “software engineer” – even though I really am not one, its just a fun moto

90% of the day, I’m a student – like any other, But the other 10% of the day, I code stuff

Hobbies and Interests #

Linux & programming #

I am very into Linux and open source, I install Linux on every machine I own

When it comes to programming I mostly use golang but I also experiment with rust and web tech

Photography #

I’m interested in photography but really never got the chance to grab my powershot SX20IS and capture stuff, but I love taking pictures on my phone and everyone thinks they are amazing so I guess that’s a plus!

Public transport and Mapping #

Well this is kind of a niche interest of mine, but I love public transport in my city and I love mapping tram & bus lines

Travel #

I love travelling! my most recent destination was Copenhagen, Denmark

This website #

Made in Hugo SSG using my fork of congo

Privacy Policy here :D